It seems impossible to list every site dedicated to Status Quo. This is a collection of pages I really like:
The official Status Quo homepage. Includes a very active message board.
The best German Quo page. Includes the German Quo forum. (auf Deutsch / German only)

The Status Quo start page
An impressive listing of dozens of Quo pages

The QuoTicker
Excellent news and information site on Status Quo

The Status Quo Collectors Page
Garry Fieldings site on Status Quo releases

Record & CD Collector's Page
Matthew Bradshaw's Status Quo Discography. An exhaustive overview of all Status Quo releases (UK and international) including sleeves and market values!

Great information on band members' recordings outside Status Quo


Disclaimer: I am not responsible or liable for the content of any of the pages listed above. If you disagree with the content of these pages please contact the webmaster of the relevant pages.